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Height: 4'11" HW: 146lbs CW: 103.4 lbs UGW: 95 lbs Moved from my other blog: Ready, Aim, Lose Weight!

I exercise and have a healthy lifestyle because the older we get, the risk of developing disease gets significantly higher. I want to achieve things and enjoy life before I am unable to. I love the fitblr community because it inspires me every day and I hope I can inspire someone else, too!


Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted!
-John Lennon

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Raw apple cinnamon buckwheat porridge blended with dates and almond butter, topped with cranberries, almonds, apple, and cinnamon sticks// recipe up soon at

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Sweet raspberry cinnamon roll 

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Gongcha’s caramel milktea~♡

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I’d be scared of the bird poop


Although this list is primarily targeted to a dorm kitchen, these are really great meals for anyone going back to school or busy with work. With all of them you should always feel free to customize them with the fruits or veggies YOU enjoy! This collection of recipes are what I think are best suited for college because of 3 factors.

  1. They store well. You can make them ahead of time and most of them will actually get better as they sit in the fridge and the flavors meld together.
  2. They are easy to make. Even recipes that require cooking are made in 1 pot making your cooking & clean up a breeze. Plus the only equipment you really need is a knife, cutting board, and pan.
  3. They travel well. These are recipes you can eat cold or at room temperature. They’re perfect to throw in your bag on the way to the library, local cafe, or wherever you’re meeting your friends.

Bonus! Every recipe on this list is gluten free. Recipes with a ** are vegan!


I don’t know about you, but whether I was going to an 8 AM class or a 10 AM class, it was never easy to get out of bed and breakfast certaintly wasn’t a reason to give up that last 5 minutes of sleep! That in mind, I picked these recipes because they can all be made ahead of time or in less than 1 minute. They’re perfect to grab and enjoy on the way to class (or even in class if you have one of those rare but wonderful professors who lets you have food!).


What makes a main dish great for college is its ability to be made ahead (preferably with 1 pan or less) and stored easily. Each of these recipes is designed to be made ahead of time and portioned into single serving jars. Pick one or two recipes per week, prep them out and you’re set!


What makes a dessert good for college? Well… just about anything sweet seems like a good idea but the goal is to avoid the sugar crash that comes after a big unhealthy treat. These recipes include better for you ingredients like dates & oatmeal but will still satisfy your sweet tooth without the burn out!

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I want them all

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